Pomegranate Wine Jelly

Pomegranate Wine Jelly


Sweet, juicy, and utterly sophisticated this pomegranate wine jelly is the beautiful ruby-red single fruit jewel in our lineup.


On a toasted English muffin or scone it’s a grown-up breakfast treat all on its own. Whisked together with aged vinegar and olive oil it makes a versatile salad dressing that’s a cinch to put together - and when it’s time to entertain this jelly is the perfect match with baked brie or some goat cheese on crostini!


Revah brand Pomegranate Wine from Armenia is used.


*Flavor notes on the wine: light-bodied, bright and smooth, not too sweet, with spice and herbal notes on the finish pairs well with roast meats and dark chocolate*


8 fl. oz.