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Smoked Tomato Jam Candied Bacon

What do you do with Smoked Tomato Jam? #1

This candied bacon is awesome in Bloody Mary's and for snacking!


1 pound bacon

6 TBS Smoked Tomato Jam

6 TBS water

1/8 cup sugar


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

-Precook bacon at 350 for 15 min

-Combine all other ingredients in a bowl

-Brush one side of the bacon with the glaze

-Cook 5 more minutes

-Flip bacon, and brush with glaze, cook 5 more minutes

-Continue flipping and brushing with glaze every 5 minutes until done. Approximately 30-35 minutes total.

*Cooking time will vary by oven

Use for Bloody Mary Garnish, or chop and sprinkle on Red Velvet Cake, or snack on it, or...

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